Recycled Mixed Media Watch Art

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Handcrafted images made with recycled watch precision parts! Comes framed, titled, and signed by artist. Measures 13.5”x11.5” with frame. 

Since the beginning of man’s existence, he has devised ways to record the passage of time. In the 16th century the mechanical pocket watch was invented and for the next 500 years was the standard of telling time. With the introduction of quartz and digital watches and now smart phones, these precision instruments were hidden away in sock drawers and found on yard sale tables. I have found a way to re-purpose these relics of the past. 

Lance’s designs are created by him in his home studio in North Carolina. He locates and rescues the forgotten watches, carefully disassembles and then brings the pieces back together  creating clever designs that lend themselves to the uniqueness of the watch parts. Most of the designs are outlined with aluminum wire that is attached onto felt. The watch parts are then placed like a puzzle into the design and secured into place. The finished design is titled, matted, framed under glass and ready to hang. Lance hopes you enjoy his designs as much as he has enjoyed bringing these old watches back to life. 

***All pieces are truly one of a kind and each image will be uniquely different because different watch parts will have been used.***