Thambi’s Sand Dollar Paintings

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Thambi Thomas is a retired educator having served 44 years in private religious education in various positions, from classroom teacher to principal to local and regional administrative levels. He has an earned doctorate in Administration and Leadership from Loma Linda University-Riverside Campus. 

Thambi, an immigrant from India, began to dabble in art when he was 34, without any formal training...using the old trial and error method, trying out various mediums...colored pencils, charcoal, India ink, watercolors, oils, pastels and acrylics. He visited art shows and spoke to artists, observed how they painted, etc etc. Even though he has tried various themes/subjects, his love for the CA Coastal scene leads him to paint seascapes. Thambi’s work took him to Jacksonville, Florida in the summer of 2001. On a weekend visit to St. Augustine, Florida, Thambi bought a sand dollar, a small box of acrylic paints and thus began his hobby of painting sand dollar seascapes. 

Thambi has a library of hundreds of photos that he has taken over the years along the CA coast. For this project at Pacific Gallery, Thambi used photos that he took along the coast from Laguna to Corona Del Mar. 

Now, happily retired and living in OC with his wife, Thambi is embarking on a project to raise money for Christalis, a non-profit orphanage organized and operated by his grand-niece in Uganda. 100% of his net proceeds will go to support the work of Christalis in Uganda.