Dimensional Paper Collages, Shell Hearts, Mermaids, Money Tree and Maps

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Handcrafted dimensional collages created by local artist Teresa Downer! Her art makes for great home decor and gifts!!

Teresa Downer was born in 1968 in the sunny San Fernando Valley and spent her whole life in Southern California. As the youngest child born into an artistic family, her desire to create was ignited at a very young age. Although she graduated from California State University Northbridge with a BS degree in Fashion Design under Home Economics, she always gravitated more towards illustration and textile design classes. It was there that she learned the manipulation of fabrics which she later transitioned into manipulation of papers which can be seen in her art today. She spent many years working in the fashion design and wholesale industry of clothing and shoes, and that experience has influenced her art as well. With her dimensional collage pieces she is able to get lost for hours manipulating and cutting paper, fabrics, wire, and other found objects and combining those with a mix of acrylic paints to create her images with shadow box spaces. She loves the uninhibited feeling this type of art gives her as it allows her to work with a variety of materials in unlimited ways.