Plywood Sculptures

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Robert Hargrove is a master woodworker, taking wood to a new level by creating pieces that are both functional and striking. Robert began working with wood while he was an art student. A simple critique from a professor change his life, showing him the direction he needed to pursue. "My professor said, 'this is a very intelligent use of material' so I pursued my passion to work with my hands," explains Robert. When asked what he does for a living, Robert is quick to reply, "I take a rather ordinary material and transform it into an exotic visual experience." Robert's appreciation for the warmth and beauty of wood is highly visible in his artwork. He explains, "I choose plywood to work with because of the unusual effects that can be achieved and the challenge to make something beautiful from a material usually looked down upon." To finish his pieces, Robert incorporates the highest quality European birch plywood, utilizing the lamination lines to make the final design.