Ocean Tin Art

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Cheryl’s 40+ years in the art world have spanned career experience in Graphic Design, painting and metal smithing, eventually leading to a Masters in Mixed Media Art at Cal State Long Beach, and into her present teaching career in Metal fabrication and Art Media.

Ocean Tin Art is Cheryl’s personal exploration within the bounds of glass enameling on Metal. Through the lens of the ocean and the rich life it holds and offers humankind, she abstractly illustrates the colors and vastly beauty offered by the Pacific Coastline.

Each pendant is a small glass painting on metal. All are one-of-a-kind, made with care, by hand. Offering a small token of the sea and the wonders it possesses to all who wear them.  💙 These delicate pendants are kiln fired enamel on copper and come in a variety of lengths and sizes.