Mosaic Glass Surfboards

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Artist Julie Sobolewski has been a long time creative, but just recently found her calling in working with the brilliant colors found in stained glass. She spends many hours in her backyard art studio carefully selecting each color, cutting each piece to fit the design and then lovingly grouting the mosaic board to bring the vision to life.  Her attention to detail makes each piece a customized work of …...


Every art piece is connected to a charity with a significant percentage of the sales going to that charity.  This idea was birthed when Julie was working on the turtle skim board in Todas Santos, Mexico and a local family was conducting a turtle release program.  As she participated in this release of 15 minute old protected baby turtles back into the Pacific, she was stunned at the coincidence of her creating a turtle mosaic while this family was working right there on the beach with this project.  A true believer in syncronicity, Julie knew that her art could and would make a difference.