“Squares of Reflection” Series by Cami Levin

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Cami Levin grew up in Southern California and was exposed to creative work from birth. Her father created large stained glass windows and her mother designed lines of clothing and handbags. There was always great support for Cami's creative efforts, however in college she decided to pursue a degree in Psychology. It was not until after college, did Cami realize her true passion was the act of creating art, and her education in Psychology has provided an unexpected compliment to her Artistic endeavors. 

With minimal formal training, Cami drove into an intense period of focused experimentation using many different artistic styles and mediums. Considered a self-taught artist, her mixed media work has evolved into a style that is dominated by color, pattern, and texture. Cami's art is heavily influenced by the natural world and nostalgia of her childhood. Her most recent works, the Trees of Love are decorated with symbols of hope, love, happiness and stories of life. Cami's art has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows, and is included in private collections around the world. Cami currently lives in Dana Point, California where she is blessed by a daily abundance of divine inspiration. 

These original New Mixed Media wall pieces have been painted, sculpted and assembled on wood panels. Each circle has been individually sculpted, textured, hand painted, and adorned with found objects including gem stones, vintage watch faces, flowers, crystals, vintage keys, beads, hex nuts, etc. Each piece has been coated in an epoxy resin which permanently embeds each object and also creates an irresistible glass appearance.