Forked Up Art

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Artist statement: "My story is a little bit unconventional as a crafter. I got a C- in the last art class I took, but due to economic downturn, I was forced to dig deeper into my creative side. I am a welder by trade, and one with a sense of humor. I made my first figurine as a joke to my dad. It looked so good that I decided to do different things with it, and since then, it has evolved into a totally unique genre of fine craft. My work is dedicated to bringing smiles to peoples faces no matter who, where, and when. We also find a great opportunity to recycle corrosion resistant flatware and making it into something that people love and appreciate."

All Figurines are hand welded with a stainless steel wire in order to keep the rust-free nature of the metal. They are then buffed with an extra fine wire wheel to give a smooth brushed finish, and finally hand bent with channel lock pliers and linesman pliers to a desired figurine design. Raw materials used are flatware which is manufactured from many different sources, many of the figurines - in whole or in part - are made from recycled flatware.