Mixed Media Surfboards and Wall Art

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Carolyn is a Mixed Media artist who incorporates personalized techniques called "soft carving" and "resin marbling" into her work.  Materials used are acrylics, metallics, gel medium, resin, pastel and textural objects.  The combination of the matte and gloss in her art is intriguing as light casts shadows in some areas while reflecting the metallics in others.  

Artist Bio: Carolyn’s  mixed media art is a style inspired by nature. Her earliest memories of art lessons were at the small kitchen table in Northern California with her father. He taught her eye to see shapes and build up those shapes with shading. She fell in love with line and shapes and how best to define these with different mediums. Carolyn states “I see the deep beauty in the rough texture of bark on a tree; to the softness of a cloud; to designs that make up reflections on the water. My interpretation found its way to Mixed Media with detailed free hand line work and carving.” She considers herself to be a “drawing artist” with foundational work in painting. The detailed line work defines her style and is the basis for most of her techniques. Each piece is painstakingly developed on canvas and board with her unique signature of line, impasto and other textures to create dimensional appeal and drama. Materials incorporated in her mixed media style are inks, acrylics, metallic components, pastels, pens, gels, textural objects and resin. Techniques from painting, free-hand drawing, impasto, detailed design elements, marbling, “soft carving” and “pastel fusion” make up Carolyn’s distinctive techniques. Extraordinary detail is crafted with much patience and accuracy. Surface finishes result in a durability that encourages touch while creating a dramatic dance between light and textures.