Car Art- abstract RPM

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Artist Gary Schechner is fueled by a passion for all things with a motor. Schechner finds inspiration in the technology, lines, curves and livery of race cars, as well as from his first-hand experience of twisting the throttle open and 'dragging a knee' as an amateur motorcycle racer. His fine art practice, ‘abstractRPM’ (rpm= revolutions per minute and is the standard measurement for how fast and engine is turning over) is centered around his interpretation of these passion points.

After running Marketing & Advertising for such iconic brands as Havoline motor oil, Honda Motorcycles and Shelby Automobiles, along with his passion for motorcycle riding/racing, he’s been lucky to bridge his passion for creativity with his love of high-performance.


abstractRPM was born from those experiences and his appreciation for what makes vehicles and racing so visceral:

- The aggressive body lines, stance and sound of the neighbor’s muscle car you couldn’t wait to own one day.

- An iconic livery of championship-winning factory teams.

- The famous racer or driver that you most wanted to be that day on the track.

His work has been featured among a Chicago gallery’s Juried Competition, as well as part of the 2019 Harley-Davidson National Dealer Convention where he created iconic motorcycle artwork live.

Gary's pieces are made with acrylic pen, color pencil and are sealed to prevent fading and smearing. They each measure 9"x12" and come framed in an 13"x16" black frame.