A life Abstracted by J. Fenwick

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Artist Statement:

H20 Inspired Original oil paintings. 

"It's movement, it's depth and light that helps compose its beautiful array of color, its personas and vast breathable expanse have made the ocean one of the driving forces behind my artistic endeavors. It is the one force of nature that can appear so soothing and serene while at other times presenting as the most ferocious and destructive force on the planet, carving canyons and mountain ranges and reshaping coastlines around the globe. Our oceans contain more life and variety of species then anywhere else on the planet and its our responsibility as humans to protect not only the oceans, but the environments on land in which we reside and interact on a daily basis. As an artist I not only draw inspiration from my immediate natural surroundings but from ecological and climactic issues that plague our planet. My only hope is that my work will inspire a curiosity within others to educate themselves about the impact humans have on the environment and how to protect and preserve it."