9 fused Dichroic glass hearts, 4 Hearts, Single Hearts and 4 Cats

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4 heart/single heart fused dichroic glass wall art, measures 12”x12.”

Gary Levin fell in love with fused glass art as a young adult in the 80's during College when seeking to furnish his first apartment. The idea of creating a design from glass; then heating it to 1400 degree and essentially melting it to other pieces to form your ending creation was analogous to his love for cooking and creating recipes. Only these recipes could be art that others could keep and enjoy forever. In the 90's, while working for a fortune 100 company and simultaneously attempting to take his rock band to a new level, he found himself unable to control his vocal chords consistently due to an undefined arthritic type condition. The bad news is many years later there is limited resolve; however, the great news is that he turned his love of the arts to fused glass. His learning was informal. Hanging out with some Artist friends to learn cutting and kiln firing techniques and from there everything you see of his work today came as some form of experimenting in either design or firing or some combination of both. His techniques and designs have evolved exponentially in recent years as his mosaic heart series became a huge hit with the gallery customers. "The return to the arts through Glass has filled a big hole in my heart that my music left behind; every piece I create is like writing a new song and is created with an energy that seems to come from somewhere else." He continues to expand his line of offerings which now include unique designs of nightlights, cheese plates, coasters and his wall pieces including the aforementioned mosaic heart series, dichroic trees series and whimsical cityscape series. You can see the evolution of his design prowess when looking at the first piece in any series and compare it to others later on (both of course containing unique properties). As he is always seeking to find a way to bring about a new twist to any existing designs. Gary's work has found its way into homes spanning the U.S, Europe and Africa through the Gallery's distribution. Gary resides in Southern California.