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Growing up Cheyne took advantage of Southern California's diverse regions, spending extensive time outside at local beaches and nearby mountains and deserts. During his years at Dana Hills High School, Cheyne excelled in sports and was on track to play baseball at the college level. However, an accident on the field brought his passion for photography to the forefront. Confined temporarily to a wheelchair and isolated from his friends and peers, Cheyne picked up his father's old camera and spent hours in the backyard, shooting roll after roll on film. Cheyne was able to return to school for his senior year and graduated with honors in art. 

Cheyne was accepted to Brooks Institute oh Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. An internship in school led to a position as editorial photographer at the leading automotive magazine Motor Trend after graduation. This catapulted him into the world of automotive advertising photography. His work captured the interest of top automotive photographer, Vic Huber. Under Huber's mentorship, Cheyne and the advertising crew photographed and filmed commercials for leading automotive brands including Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes, and Aston Martin. Traveling across America and throughout the world on these photo shoots, Cheyne fell in love with the diverse landscapes of the world. 


At age 24, Cheyne left that job to explore his true passion, discovering and capturing beauty of nature's wanders. Leaving Los Angeles, CA he spent 17 months traveling around Europe creating his first collection 'Backpacking Through Europe.' He found amazing beauty and wonderment in both nature's elements and man's designs. After almost two years abroad, Cheyne returned home to continue his travels focusing on the Western United States. 

His award-winning photography is found in numerous private and commercial collections worldwide. 

Cheyne is still focused on photographing the epic beauty of the Western United States and unveiled pieces from his new award-winning collection 'Nature's Spirit' at galleries and art events throughout California. The collection is very limited, only 20 photographic prints will be created for each image in the series. 

Art Statement

My art is all about sharing Nature’s landscapes at that perfect moment in time.

It all starts with exploring the outdoors. I will hike for miles through extreme terrain and travel far from the beaten path to find the setting for my next photograph. I study certain areas that I find interesting and return to that location several times to discover when it is at its most brilliant. Sometimes that moment comes after a heavy snowstorm, during the blazing summer, or just as the sun begins to rise. Using a panoramic camera system, I capture a series of photographs and stitch them together to achieve either a horizontal or vertical panoramic view.

Camera techniques are used during perfect lighting conditions to be able to present the location as if you were stand there witnessing that moment yourself. Today’s best camera technology still doesn’t even come close to what the human eye can appreciate. This is where the expert use of long exposures, lens filters, film chose, digital camera settings, and an in-depth printing process fills in to recreate the scene, as the human eye would see it.

My creative process extends past capturing the image as I also print all my own photographs. Using a custom top-of-the-line printer, they are printed on high-end fine art gloss or premium metallic paper. Printing in house allows me to adjust and fine tune saturation, contrast, and depth for each image. This gives me complete control over how the final photograph will look.

The ultimate goal and greatest reward is inspiring someone to visit one of the locations in my photographs and have their own experience out in Nature.